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Software that is shockingly free for your business

You could run a small business on these 3 tools.

I'm actually creating a whole bunch of content, courses, and consulting on how to do this.

    1. Gmail/Gcal/Gdocs

    These tools are 200% better than Microsoft's and they are free. Absolute no brainer. Be honest - the only reason you use Outlook, Word, or PowerPoint is because you are forced by your company to play with crappy tools. No one today would design software this bad. And trust me, the back end of Microsoft is a gong show.

    I'm an Excel fanboy so I will leave her alone.

    2. Zoom

    With a free account, I get my own private meeting link and I can pretty much talk to anyone in the world for free.

    3. Hubspot

    You might not know much about this tool but you will soon. Think Salesforce but 300% easier to use and actually designed by someone who thought of the end user instead of the lucrative salaries of IT Administrators around the globe who make bank of people saying, 'I hate Salesforce.' The premium version of Hubspot is expensive because it's all in one: marketing, sales, and customer service. BUT, you can do a tonne of damage with the free version in a small business and $50/month gets you the starter version and a hosted website you can build yourself via template. Hubspot replaces WordPress,/Squarespace Calendly, Mailchimp, Chatbots, Typeform plus gives you a timeline of when and how you talked to your customers.

    4. Asana

    I would use Hubspot for prospect or client tasks but for anything else, Asana is the go to task manager and they have a free version which is very functional. The paid version adds automation and other time saving features.

    5. Slack

    If you rely on email to communicate with your internal team, you are making a big mistake. Email should be for external communication only to keep it single channel. Slack is a far better way to handle internal communication because you can organize different topics into channels, thread messages, etc.

    6. NotePd.com

    The only place of its kind on the web to capture ideas.

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