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A beginner wants to know what solopreneur means and how to get started

    1. You need a product.

    The best way to figure out what your product is, is to solve a problem you have had. Or, find someone you know who has the problem and ask them if they would pay for it solved.

    2. You need a website

    I made one in ten minutes:

    3. You need an email list

    I made one in ten minutes: (you put up a landing page with an offer and when people click on "get the offer" you enter their email address into a box that leadpages provides). Note, this is not spamming people but offering them value for entering their email address so you can send them more value later on down the road (a newsletter or whatever). This is how I started my first business almost 25 years ago and it worked great for me then and still works great now.

    4. Solopreneur means you are self-employed but also entrepreneurial

    You don't really work for anyone else (unless you choose to). The key here is that you solve problems people have AND make money doing it AND create recurring revenue streams so that your customers stay with you forever rather than going somewhere else when they have new needs (this is called "upselling"). So, if someone pays $100 for your course on how to play chess better then later on, if they are ready to compete in tournaments, then offer them coaching services at $50/hour or whatever it takes to get them as a customer again. Or if someone buys your book about investing in real estate then maybe set up seminars where you teach other real estate investors how to do deals together (if that's what your book teaches). Or if someone buys an ebook from me about how to start a podcast then I will call them up and say "I'm starting a podcast myself and would love some help getting off the ground". If there's value in solving problems for others AND making money doing it AND creating recurring revenue streams THEN YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEURIAL SOLOPRENEUR! Solopreneur = Self-Employed + Entrepreneurial + Solopreneurial! And all three of these things require knowledge + effort + execution! There's no trick here! Just hard work! But this type of hard work can be fun because of the rewards involved with being entrepreneurial and having an entrepreneurial mindset instead of just doing mindless tasks for others all day long like many jobs these days involve.

    5. How do I know what problems people have?

    There are many ways:- look at statstics.- look at trends.- look at forums.- talk to friends- do surveys- do experiments (i.e., give away something free that solves a problem and see who takes advantage of it)- read books- listen to podcasts- watch videos- etc...

    6. How do I execute?

    The most important thing here is not only knowledge but ACTION! One action per day can make all the difference ever year! Another important thing is persistence . It might take months before any success happens but keep going forward never backwards even if progress seems slow sometimes . It's always slow until it's fast . Note that "slow" doesn't mean "no", which leads us into...

    7. How do I measure success?

    Track everything ! See where every minute goes each day . See what works , see what doesn't , see why some things work while others don't , see what new ideas come up after each experiment , etc.. Then learn from these experiments so next time you can tweak them even more towards success . It's often said that entrepreneurs fail 1000 times before succeeding once but I'd argue this

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