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Some Interesting Problems

Cool problems to think about

    1. How to serve a growing generation of independent investors?

    There is a trend where Gen Z and Millennials are becoming more independent with their money—a growing willingness to invest in alternative investments and take more ownership over financial outcomes (i.e., investing in crypto or through Robinhood). More reluctance to blindly trust institutions with money.

    2. There is an inefficient market for used goods.

    There is no good pricing data when selling your items second-hand. Especially locally. This means the pricing of used items on Facebook marketplace is inconsistent across different regions. There are a lot of factors for this. An opportunity exists to arbitrage used goods on local marketplaces with reasonable pricing in different parts of the country.

    3. How to help creators take ownership of their IP?

    It seems that the world is trending toward a more decentralized fashion. People want to take ownership of their work. Cutting the middleman seems to be a high priority. How could one help creators do that? What do creators need to be independent?

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