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Some things I’m looking forward to

    1. The long weekend

    No set plans yet, just happy to have the time.

    2. Cool Nights/Warm Days

    I like all four seasons, but especially love the transition of summer to fall.

    3. Breakfast with Friends

    I have a group of close friends affectionately known as my "train friends" as we met on the train. Years later, no longer taking the train, but we still make it a point to grab breakfast or host one another every month or so.

    4. Dinner with the Girls

    Of the larger train friend group, there's two other girls (mentioned before) who have become two of my closest friends. We do a separate thing together in addition to the larger group gathering.

    5. Vacation

    Not until November, but time away with my partner is always a happy spot.

    6. Digital Disconnect

    The company I work for offers employees 2 digital disconnect days in addition to the other PTO offered (we also get 2 volunteer days a year as well). I have mine scheduled and I'll be spending the day with my secondary partner. Whatever we plan, it's always fun.

    7. Successful Project Completion

    I'm overseeing a big work project and if all continues to go well, it'll wrap up in October.

    8. Watching my Son Play Football

    He had his first scrimmage last weekend and made three tackles on three consecutive plays. He's vibrating with energy and enthusiasm, and I'm here for it.

    9. The Mountains, the Ocean, the Forest

    They're calling, and I will be answering.

    10. Sleep

    Insomnia's a bitch, but I'll welcome sleep when it comes.

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