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Some Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose in Life

Some Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose in Life

    1. C. G. Jung recommended doing something that made you lose track of time when you were a child

    2. Robert Greene recommends keeping a close eye on what you like doing and what you don't like doing, even in later years

    3. Bodo Schäfer says, „strengths“ are not the same as your calling.

    We sometimes develop strengths to cope with what we find repugnant.

    4. The Japanese concept Ikigai is (presumably) about doing what we love and what is also useful for others


    5. You already know what your calling is

    We all have inner resistance and are easily distracted. Convenience also plays a role. Doing what suits us best can be hard work. We're also afraid of not being good enough.

    6. Eric Standop says if you consciously look for it, you won't find it

    I recently discovered his videos on YouTube. Trained in the ancient art of face reading, he often counsels people who want to take their lives in a new direction.


    7. Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger said: Being in your center feels light

    Argentine psychotherapist and storyteller Jorge Bucay thinks so too: If something feels constantly difficult and tedious, it's not for you.

    8. The unconscious can help you make good decisions

    Check out the work of Dutch psychologist Ap Dijksterhuis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ap_Dijksterhuis

    9. Follow Your Gut

    Sometimes, the best way to find your calling is to simply go with your gut. If something feels right, it probably is. (This one is from the AI)

    10. Do we only have ONE calling?

    I doubt it. Everyone has at least a few talents. It's about using them for something we enjoy that we can do for a living. If that can be put into effect as a plumber or landscape gardener, that's good enough.

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