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Somethings I learnt from The Batman (2022)

Just something I learned from the movie! Just something that I find it funny. (May contain Spoiler!)

Somethings I learnt from The Batman (2022)

    1. Never Shoot a gun with One Hand

    Even though the target is a few feet away from you, why would you use your gun with one hand? I get it, fashion is important, but never sacrifices efficiency with fashion and style!

    2. Just wing it, things will work out your way!

    Hey, why play safe? When you already drive a million miles per hour, use the nitro anyway, and eventually, all the cars will line up for you. lol

    3. Flying suit in a crowded city?

    Yea, flying a suit in a crowded city, full of subway tracks is a good idea, you won't die when you get clipped anyway. You're Batman, you can do anything!

    4. Cell Phone save life

    I can't imagine how quickly the movie ends if Batman actually uses a cell phone or iPhone.

    5. When a city is failing, it's always the white-privilage bankers and hedge fund fault.

    I am just glad that there's no Asian in the movie (of importance anyway), so they can't blame it on us! lol Also, it was so obvious that there was so much gang tension, but it's okay, they got all the bankers and hedge funds! lol

    6. When all else fail, try sacrificing yourself even though there's better solution!

    Hey, at the end of the day, we need someone to be the Hero to inspire people. We can't have Superman here, he's an alien and it's not his movie!

    7. We don't care about people's safety, make sure you get the grand entrance though.

    Yeah, why save them when we could arrange for our perfect grand entrance! Then we can save them! lol.

    8. All the new elected politician had to stand with the people.

    This is just across all superhero movie troupe. If you get elected as Mayor, DA, and maybe president. Even though you know it's dangerous out there. Rather than using a PA, or a backup mic backstage, (Which you will have in almost every big conference event.) You had to stand in the spotlight and get shot at. lol. No one heard of the terms of life to fight another day apparently.

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