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Songs/Poems I Could/Would Write

    1. Zero Avenue

    I drove along this road a few months ago; it skirts the US border so closely I could probably have thrown trash from the driver's side window into a different country (not that I do that). I was struck by the idea of driving along the edge of something, and the strangeness of the name of the road.

    2. Epic Ballad of Modern Version of John Henry

    A man is renowned for his creativity, and when an AI is used to come up with ideas, he challenges it to a contest to see who comes up with better ideas - he wins, but dies of an aneurysm.

    3. Love Song About Long-term, Companionate Love

    4. Song About Sex

    Nothing too graphic, mind you, something like Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On"

    5. Keep the Car on the Road

    I used to have nightmares about driving my family on a road that became more and more twisty and hilly till I couldn't keep the car on the road and it went careening off it - and I would wake up. Obviously, it was my anxiety about taking care of my family manifesting itself via my subconscious, but I thought about the whole metaphor and how it would make a good song.

    6. Song about Dreamscape/Fantasy Land

    There's lots of great songs about these (some based on hallucinogenics) like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

    7. Song About Rock & Roll

    A lot of great songs about the power of music - why not have one of my own?

    8. Break-Up Song

    9. Quitting Song

    Along the lines of "Working Class Hero", "9 to 5" or "Take This Job and Shove It"

    10. Bad Luck Blues

    Just a way to complain about tribulations

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