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Spreadsheets You Wish Existed

Spreadsheets are amazing. I once created a growing chart that calculated optimal planting times so I could get 12 different varieties of microgreens to be ready for harvest on the same day and time twice per week. I also found a homemade spreadsheet that calculated the optimal strike price to sell covered calls based on a series of strike prices.

Beyond the usual budget planners and payroll tracking sheets, what do you wish you could easily calculate while at work, your side gig, or hobby?

    1. How much to invest in which cryptocurrency

    I would like a spreadsheet that takes the current market cap of each crypto and divides it by the daily transaction volume. Then I could enter how much I want to invest and it would give me an idea of which cryptos are undervalued and overvalued.

    2. Which stocks to short

    I would like a spreadsheet that compares PE, PEG (PE divided by earnings growth), dividend yield, etc for all the stocks on the S&P 500. Then I could enter my expected earnings growth for each stock and it would tell me which ones to short if I think they will have negative earnings growth.

    3. Which calls to write based on a series of strike prices

    This is described above but I'd love this spreadsheet so I can see what strike price is best to sell a call against given various expirations.

    4. When should i buy back my house?

    I'm thinking about buying a house in about 5 years. What is the optimal time to buy it back from now? How do you figure this out? Maybe there's a spreadsheet out there already but if not, this seems like an interesting one.

    5. What are all the possible permutations of an experiment?

    Say you want to experiment with different headlines on your sales page for your product or service. You can't use every headline ever written so what is the best combination of headlines that maximizes sales? Or say you want to try out different meal combinations at restaurants. Say you go out twice per week and eat two meals per week at restaurants (one breakfast, one dinner). You have 24 opportunities per year so how many permutations of breakfast x dinner x restaurant do you need to test before you can generalize results? This seems like an interesting experiment design problem that might be solvable with some sort of algorithm or spreadsheet but I don't know how exactly right now.

    6. What is my optimal portfolio given these constraints/goals/parameters.

    Given 3 stocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G (different asset classes), how does one allocate their portfolio in order to minimize risk while maximizing return given these constraints/goals/parameters (i.e., don't want more than 20% in any one stock). Again, seems like an interesting problem that might be solvable with some sort of algorithm or spreadsheet but I don't know how exactly right now.

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