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Spreadsheets You Wish Existed

I have a feeling I'm going to end up with a bunch of spreadsheet ideas that already exist in one shape or another, but it will come down to the fact that the data entry portion is too tedious to make use of them.

    1. Mileage/Workout Balancing

    I got interested in triathlon by training for a marathon, but finding running tedious when it had to be every day. In triathlon you have to train all 3 disciplines (swimming, biking, running), but it would be good to have a mathematical way to know if you swapped a bike ride for a run, for example, that your training volume is OK.

    2. Cross Border Shopping

    I live close to the US border with Canada, and in my youth and I lived much further from it, it wasn't uncommon for people to cross the border to shop for items that were cheaper there. Between the exchange rate and gas prices (to say nothing of time spent waiting at the border crossing) it doesn't seem to make sense to me, based on the limited research I've done so far on some items I'd consider buying. Since so many of these variables fluctuate, it would be good to track when there is money to be saved by doing so.

    3. Distributed Antenna System Estimate Builder

    I've developed some of this for my job already, but it's limited in scope and functionality. Ideally I'd have versions for different technologies and standards, and be able to input building size to spit out a bill of materials.

    4. Screen Time vs Productivity Analysis

    My phone has been telling me my screen time on a weekly basis (or at least the differential from the previous week), while Outlook/Viva Insights has been telling me about working hours etc. I wonder what the numbers would look like against each other.

    5. Consume Vs Create

    How much time am I spending reading vs. writing? The former would have to include all web articles, blogs, white papers, specification sheets in addition to books. The latter might include Idea Lists, emails, power point presentations in addition to blogging or any creative writing or journalling. Does watching TV/video count on the consumption front...?

    6. Moving Cost

    I know it's a boring old budgeting spreadsheet, but I do wish I had a better handle on all the costs associated with buying/selling a house.

    7. Cloud Storage

    I'm constantly fighting against hitting the upper limit of storage on my Google Account. There's always stuff that can be cleared out, but it's a struggle to figure out where I can get the best bang for my buck when spending time deleting old files. Obviously the bigger the better in terms of file size, but the big files can be spread across YouTube,, Gmail, and Drive. If there were tags or identifiers to tell me whether the data in them was time-sensitive or had sentimental value, that might help too.

    8. Deliveries

    My wife sends most of our Amazon orders to my office, but I'm working hybrid, so I'm often not there to receive the deliveries. A spreadsheet with all outstanding tracking numbers to let me know the best days to go in would be handy.

    9. Commuting Time

    I chauffeur my kids to a lot of extra-curricular activities. I'm curious as to how much of my time goes to that - it feels like a lot. Bonus points if there's a way to track mileage/gas expenditure.

    10. Holistic Health

    You can track calories consumed through food, and calories spent through exercise. You can calculated macro nutrients, but what about sleep? What about mindfulness practices and meditation? What about supplements? Ideally you could get some kind of score about how well you're taking care of yourself on a daily basis.

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