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The challenge by @lovingkindnesscomedy: Take a view you don't agree with and make a list of arguments in its favor, or steelman a bunch of different things.

    1. We live in a patriarchy

    The majority of the highest positions in politics and corporations are held by men. Since women are just as intelligent and hardworking as men, we have to conclude that the system systematically disadvantages them.

    2. There is no racism against white people

    If we define racism as discrimination against non-whites in white-majority societies, it follows that there can be no racism against whites.

    3. Unlimited immigration of non-Europeans to the EU is a good thing

    As modern science (the dependency theory from the 1960s) has found, the West is the center of the world, which economically exploits the developing world. The inhabitants of these countries have no other possibility of improving their living conditions than to migrate to the center.

    4. Socialism must replace capitalism

    The imminent destruction of our natural basis of life is the result of the profit-oriented capitalist economy. Therefore, if we want to survive, we must expropriate all great entrepreneurs and let responsible scientists create rules for the lives of all people.

    5. Masculinity is toxic

    Large scale violence has historically been perpetrated by men. It follows that when we suppress masculinity, this injustice ceases to exist.

    6. The USA is a guarantor of peace in our world

    Since the USA came into being, the number of wars in the world has decreased. This improvement came in large part from this country's relentless military engagement. In the future, too, the USA will use its wars to ensure that this world does not sink into war and chaos.

    7. Censorship is a good tool for the betterment of society

    Bad ideas can only corrupt people when they hear about them. So they must disappear from the discourse. When we change language so that it is no longer possible to think harmful ideas, we protect ourselves from their effects. This has nothing to do with restricting freedom of expression because it benefits everyone.

    8. Religions deserve special state protection

    By showing special respect for religions, we also show special respect for the people who hold them sacred. It is not for us to judge whether their teachings are good or bad.

    9. The rights of the community are more important than the rights of the individual

    After all, the individual is only one, while the community is made up of many. Accordingly, when there is a conflict of interest between the individual and the community, more people will benefit when the interests of the community prevail.

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