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Story of the day

Ugh, first half of day disappeared when I switched to another app so heres another attempt:

BANG! Silence. BANG! More silence. BANG!

"Ugh what time is it? Ever since that swinging door was adjusted, it got soooo loud every time it closes."

Anyway, I woke up & started thinking of what to do today after morning "routine". I have a lot of writing gigs that are gonna slam me. And obviously need to gym to keep my health and energy up. And laundry etc etc. And ofc I haven't planned out my time on my schedule like I should to be productive.

Then comes gym time. BANG! Not the door this time. This time a bang of insecurity.

A text from my fiance (and wife...yes it's possible to be both). I forget what it said exactly. But it's a drag being the only one with income and a blow to my sense of accomplishment to be sending my earnings to her for living expenses. But she's stuck in Thailand, can't go back to her home country, and needs to wait 6-8months of visa. What can I do?

She knows. And starts texting, asking how much I made in July. I felt fine & was focusing on getting to the gym. But I reply honestly anyway: nothing. Just so I can move on. And the bulk of money is just time-displaced to future months despite it being 100% certain.

But the demons trickle upward. More texts start coming.

"Should I go back to China?"

What?! And get potentially trapped and pay more?

More drama building. Ugh, I just want to go. And of course I want her to make money too.

Fire and ounce of appreciation: proud of her gym progress. And some Tony Robbins stuff...but wait, it's been awhile since that

Ugh, more demons incoming.

Google voice call. Escalation too much! Need to resolve asap.

Oops glitched out. Try again. No answer. Glitched out.

Eventually connection restored. We both just want to be understood. And the clock was ticking as my morning become her late night crankiness.

Did she say she understood? Does she love me? Crisis averted!


Let's move on and get distracted by a quiet day at home reading skip the line. Because if I wanna improve my own writing, might as well read books by good writers if I'm gonna procrastinate on grants, NFT projects, etc.

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