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Stream of Consciousness into the Twilight Zone (9 min 20 sec read)

Stream of Consciousness into the Twilight Zone (9 min 20 sec read)

    1. We’re not really afraid of what other people think about us.

    2. We’re really afraid of what we think about ourselves.

    3. We’re afraid to look at how we feel about ourselves.

    4. We know something is off-center but we’re too afraid to look at the imaginary monster.

    5. We adopt an ostrich-like behavior, burying our heads in the sand, desperately hoping for an end to the persistent psychological pain.

    6. Our minds are immersed in a world of illusions.

    7. We don’t realize that whenever there’s more than two there will be conflict.

    8. We don't know the meaning of "divided we all fall?"

    9. Don’t we know that all earthly plans eventually fail?

    10. 90 years old mogul dies, 1.5 billion dollars net worth, leaves all of it behind, son says, "I will take all of it."

    11. We live in a chaotic world and we are so attached to our bodies. We walk around like we’re in paradise.

    12. We’re either attacking each other or we’re defending our position… in an illusory world.

    13. We don’t even begin to know where to look for guidance because we don’t know only the mind can be sick.

    14. We relentlessly devote our time to everything else in this meaningless world, yet we find no time, no space, for the Divine presence of God.

    15. Every Halloween, we wear masks for a brief day of celebration. But it is during the remaining 365 days of the year that we persistently wear masks, never pausing to question our real identity.

    16. We have lost touch with the ability to find amusement in our own flaws and shortcomings, and our capacity for compassion towards others is appalling.

    17. We’re are prisoners to the "pursuit of more." More like slaves.

    18. We place man’s law of the "pursuit of pleasure" above God’s law of Love. We desire worldly desires over spiritual principles. We prefer temporary pleasures over eternal truths.

    19. We’re deathly afraid of the unknown but won’t admit it.

    20. We're attached to everything that’s on its way out.

    21. We don’t know that our bodies are just communication devices.

    22. We don’t know that we can’t change or destroy what God Created.

    23. We don’t see that the buffalo is off the nickel.

    24. We really believe he’s Bobbie the death row inmate.

    25. We really believe she's Anna the hot super model.

    26. We really believe there's such a thing as "failure" and "success" - and that it means anything.

    27. We remain unaware that to believe in failure, fear, and guilt is to lack the understanding of God's true nature.

    28. We witness the complexity of the world, yet we choose to disregard the simplicity of love.

    29. We don’t understand that real is - that which never changes.

    30. We don’t understand that if it changes - it’s not real.

    31. We don’t understand that it’s impossible to bring an illusory world to spirit but it is possible to bring spirit to an illusion.

    32. We don’t understand that there’s never a justification for upset.

    33. We don’t yet understand that each moment we’re either making decisions with the Holy Spirit or with our egos.

    34. We don’t yet understand that ideas do not leave their source.

    35. Our relentless pursuit of worldly desires leaves us feeling empty in matters of love, causing us to experience suffering.

    36. We have been conditioned to believe the function of the body is merely "bait to catch another fish."

    37. We don’t understand the meaning behind this quote from A Course In Miracles, a spiritual rewiring for our brains.

    "You do not ask too much of life, but far too little. When you let your mind be drawn to bodily concerns, to things you buy, to eminence as valued by the world, you ask for sorrow, not for happiness." Workbook Lesson Number 33.

    38. We believe we have to suffer.

    39. We still believe the body and the world are real and we’re too afraid to question it.

    40. We don’t know that our only problem is our belief in separation.

    41. We believe that God created a world of time and space.

    42. We don’t slow down long enough to become aware that we live in a chaotic world of thoughts. The "monkey mind" rules.

    43. We don’t see that the world of time and space is a death wish.

    44. We lack the awareness to recognize that there is often a disconnect between our words and our actions.

    45. We lack the awareness to perceive that our thoughts often contradict our deeds.

    46. We believe that discussions about spiritual matters demand us to relinquish the meager possessions we possess.

    47. We don't understand that all things work together for good.

    48. We’re ignorant. We’re in darkness.

    49. We still believe someone or something in the world will make us happy.

    50. We don’t yet realize that God’s plan is the only plan - and the only plan that will not fail. The only plan that works.

    51. We haven't figured out that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

    52. We value what is meaningless.

    53. We don't understand that God could never be associated with a world of suffering.

    54. We don't understand that an unhealed mind cannot heal.

    55. We shrink from the audacity to confront this daring question: "Could God conceive anything that is not eternally loving?"

    56. We don't know the purpose of a "special relationship" is to transform it into a "Holy relationship."

    A special relationship is an ego-based bond formed out of perceived lack and mutual needs, while a Holy relationship is a Divine union grounded in love, forgiveness, and the recognition of shared purpose and spiritual growth.

    57. We fail to grasp the profound Truth that what we give to others, we give to ourselves because there's only One of Us.

    58. We don't know that EVERY TIME we give we increase our store.

    59. We don't understand we can never have a relationship with God if we fear God.

    60. We don't understand that love is not a feeling, Love is what we are.

    61. We fail to comprehend that believing in a love that comes and goes (conditional) is not to know the true nature of real Love.

    62. We lack a genuine belief that God is caring for us, as evidenced by our tendencies to succumb to fear and insecurity.

    The more actions we employ to feel safe, the less safe we feel.

    63. We believe in the past and yearn for a future where all of our ducks line up in row and everything falls perfectly in place.

    64. We fear artificial intelligence and project our fear on the Almighty.

    Who's programming the machine?
    Who's afraid of the machine?
    Are we afraid of AI or what man will do with it?
    Did God create AI or could it be used to help wake us up? 
    There's no hierarchy of illusions. All illusions, and false beliefs, are equally unreal and hold no inherent value or truth. Whether we believe in big illusions or small illusions, illusions of pleasure or pain, illusions of success or failure, they are all equally illusory and devoid of reality. Regardless of how significant or insignificant an illusion may appear, they are all equally unreal and ultimately serve as distractions from seeking the Truth. 
    Today it's AI, tomorrow what will it be?
    Is fear the domain of the ego or the Holy Spirit?

    65. We remain woefully unaware of the strong resistance within us to separating Truth from illusion and recognizing they are not the same.

    66. We are unwilling to see illusions as false and to accept the Truth as True.

    67. We are oblivious to the profound truth that our thoughts and beliefs hold no power in changing or influencing what is True.

    68. We are unwilling to see illusions as false and to accept the Truth as True.

    69. We fail to grasp the extent to which our ego, the false sense of self, reacts strongly when our perceptions of reality are questioned.

    We have a deep attachment to the "story of me" and cling to the belief that the character we have created, like John the Attorney General of New York, is genuinely real. 
    Our egos have a vested interest in perpetuating this narrative, as it fears being exposed as unreal. 
    Let's state it more succinctly:
    We don't fully realize how much our ego, the false self, gets defensive when our understanding of reality is questioned. We strongly identify with our self-created story of "me."

    70. This is what happens when the stick figure believes he's the stick.

    When the stick figure identifies itself as the stick, it becomes limited by the boundaries and constraints of its form. 
    It believes that its existence is confined to the stick and perceives the world solely from that perspective. 
    The stick figure overlooks the vastness and possibilities beyond its stick-like appearance, missing out on the realization of its true essence and the interconnectedness with the broader reality.

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