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Stuff I want you to do

I keep a list called "Project Pitch List" of things I may want to do in the future but don't have time or resources for. Please steal these ideas!


    1. New York Times news dump

    The New York Times (and many other newspapers I assume) have a meeting where articles a pitched to the editor and ideas are chosen and debated. Record it and make a podcast!

    2. Famous People Battle Cards

    Pokémon or Magic the Gathering type game, except all the "monsters" are famous people. Could be a learning game for kids.

    3. Knolled Junk Drawer

    Knolling is the cool thing where you arrange things in right angles and take a picture. I do this when I travel so I get a feel for what I've packed. This would be a project where you go to people's houses, take all the contents of their drunk drawer out, Knoll it, and take a picture.

    4. Online dashboard site

    Create a site that will ping many APIs (using IFTTT?) and create a one-page dashboard with the option to resize it so that you can put it on a TV.

    5. Swipe on everything

    Tinder-like swipe left or right, but using any pictures or data that you feed it.

    6. Instant Happy Hour

    An app that lets bartenders and bars/restaurants push out a notification to happy hours enthusiasts that there is a temporary happy hour on the fly. Could be a limited time bracket or limited to first X customers. I started doing this and got some interest, but it fizzled out as I move on to other projects.

    7. Electronics for idiots

    A class or book or something that goes through electronics for people who don't care about the details, but just want to build something

    8. Hacker Trip USA

    Get a band of merry pranksters and tour America visiting hackerspaces doing classes and stuff. I started, but got no traction: https://hackertripusa.com/

    9. Sue phone spammers

    Apparently you can make a good living at it because the law says you can get $500 per spam call, but only a few people are doing it and the spammers are fighting back. If a bunch of people did this, it may actually cut down on spam calls for everyone.

    10. Exercise without getting sore

    There is this one fighter I heard on a podcast that says you should not feel sore after working out. Build a program (book, online class, etc) that teaches how to exercise this way.

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