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Subjects I would like to learn more about

I love learning, but I've been stuck in a rut and seem to be reading a lot of what I already know. So what other areas could I look into?

    1. Hypnosis

    I already know a fair bit of Persuasion. Hypnosis seems like the next step in that area.

    2. Film

    I did a bit of film at university. I'd love to learn more and make my own.

    3. Programing

    There's a lot of tasks that could be automated with programing. It will give me a new skill to combine with my current skills. One good phone app could make me millions.

    4. Comedy

    I love comedy and making people laugh. If you know of any good comedians let me know in the comments.

    Performing would be my next step. I'm on holiday soon. I'll make sure I ask clubs then If I can schedule a time to perform.

    5. Health

    Covid made me more conscious about my health. I'm now working out more, talking vitamins and eating better, but what else should I be doing in order to stay healthy? We only get one body making sure it's in the best shape just makes sense.

    6. Writing

    English was always my worst subject. I'm now loving reading and writing. My spelling /grammar holds me back and I'd also like to know what makes good writing (it's simplicity, but I also think it's more than just that). I I improve my writing I'll also improve how I think.

    7. Stocks

    I've heard that a monkey can have as much luck as a professional, so this might not be worth looking into. If the company will still be about in 5 years, you'll make a profit.

    8. Ukulele

    I've improved in the last few years, but I still have a fair bit to learn. Keeping the 4 beat, changing my strumming, fingerpicking.

    9. Selling

    I think actually selling will teach me the most, but I really want to get better at this. I'm getting really good at creating. If I can increase my sales skills I'll be able to become my own boss and start focusing on building my own business.

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