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Collin Harness


Subjects That I Want To Learn About

Topics that I find interesting or that would be useful for me to know better.

    1. Sales/Marketing/Sales funnels

    I have never been very good at sales or marketing and I would like to have my own business one day so it would be nice to know about to promote a business.

    2. Copywriting

    This is similar to marketing. Except copywriting seems more like getting people to commit to a sale. How to actually get a customer to commit to purchasing a product.

    3. Options/Futures

    I understand the basics, but not how it is actually executed.

    4. Real Estate Investing

    Again, I understand the basics, but not how people actually execute the process.

    5. Public Speaking

    I would love to do more public speaking.

    6. App development and business creation

    Would love to create an app that makes money. Have a few ideas. And I feel an idea list coming on.

    7. How to create an investment fund

    I think I could create a portfolio that would stand the test of time.

    Not sure how difficult it is to start and run an investment fund.

    8. Story telling

    How to be a better writer/story teller.

    9. Aviation

    Would be interesting to fly planes.

    10. Crypto

    How to create - Collin Coin

    11. Consulting

    I think I could contribute to other businesses, without being a full time employee

    12. Charitable trust

    I do not have any children. One day I think I will have enough money to create a trust or foundation that could give money away.

    13. YouTube

    Would love to have a successful channel

    14. Podcasting

    Might be fun to have my own interview podcast one day.

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