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Sunday List of Lists

Round up of some of what I saw on NotePD today.

    1. Put boundaries in place and stick to them

    From a list by @AJP about work. I'm not sure how much time I put in for my various endeavors but it is much easier for me to spread my work load out over the full day and full week. If you set your own schedule you can pick up things or put them down whenever you want to.


    2. Collecting as a "useful" hobby

    From a list by @arty. Mixed feelings here. If I collect anything, it's probably baseball cards. The collection is small, I only buy very inexpensive stuff and it is a lot of fun. There's a tipping point between a small collection and being overwhelmed by stuff. Where that line is, no doubt is vague and differs for each of us but I feel good about the smallness of my collection that it only took me 10 minutes to round it all and put them in the car when we got evacuated in April for the Crooks Fire.


    3. Getting new clients through content creation

    From a list by @reenafriedmanwatts. I pretty much built my entire career from content.


    4. How to get out of a rut

    A list by @chris407x. I'd add wear yourself out exercising, take a long, challenging hike where you can get plenty of sunshine with no music.


    5. The new client thing is a challenge, I didn't realize.

    My two cents is to be willing to work for free and let it build into something you can monetize.

    Here's the list from @kriscalulo89.


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