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What is the product of your life right now? By product, I mean what are you producing in your life. Is it positive or negative? It‘s urgent & important to be completely honest with your evaluation to accelerate skill development

    1. If you don’t like where you are - MOVE

    Your body, your mind, your spirit - MOVE out of what you don’t want into what you do - this may involve self reflection to determine your objective, but you will always learn more & move toward mastery by actually DOING & making mistakes (you can avoid some mistakes by asking questions along the way)

    2. How long are you going to BE in start-up phase

    Just go, do, be right now - get on with it

    3. Start with the end in mind - what is your objective

    Then figure out how you’re going to reach it - brainstorm all of your ideas about reaching that objective without saying the word CAN’T - ask “how can I…” or “who knows…”

    4. Who else can you get on-boarded into your vision right now

    Why should they even be interested?

    5. We need to ignite velocity & do the heavy lifting needed to spread abundance & prosperity

    Give people an itch (those animal spirits that ignite an economy)

    6. How we do this will make all the difference

    We live in a debt based economy - are there limits to debt? - do you understand fractional reserve banking, derivatives, petro dollars, etc. at least enough to grasp a big picture - draw a mind map or make an idea list

    7. AI will not be able to model this because there are constant new inputs every single second - it might be faster at sifting through data banks

    Complex systems are like the molecules in your being - they react to their environment

    8. AI will never gain the “consciousness” needed to replace human beings

    Going out on a limb right now with that statement - It will be good at rote work

    9. We need to value people who do physical jobs - we aren’t going to escape basic physics - ARE YOU GOING TO CALL A METAVERSE PLUMBER when your sewer backs up? Or will you FIND that plumber in the metaverse?

    We are not going to be able to do all jobs from behind a computer screen. What makes you think that a plumber is going to participate in the metaverse? Aren’t they better off personally just to find, serve & satisfy as many customers as possible?

    10. Will a large portion of humanity need to be retrained? Everyone can do something of value

    How do we make attainment of a desirable future more appealing than violence, death & mutual destruction?

    11. Can you see the paradox? Will we retreat to the 7th century or advance from here - will we be able to refine human nature/human conditions without losing our humanity? Are we going to leverage technology or is it leveraging us?

    What is the divergence in the thinking, beliefs & feelings (human software) & how do we reach escape velocity into that beautiful bright abundant future? How exactly will you personally reach escape velocity? What is the critical tipping point # of human individuals reaching that velocity that will pivot us in that direction? How big of a ”tribe” would it take? Is it through technology? Is it through the collapsing of certain unsustainable systems? Is it through reducing complexity? Will the blockchain free us to regain our privacy?

    12. CLUE:

    This begins when we all take responsibility for our own well-being without expecting other people to harm themselves in order to make our own lives better & without telling other people what to do! Anything you excel at, do for yourself. Produce. That is the best use of your time & will cut out the need to first earn the dollars to pay for the product or service you need - this concept alone will be fought vociferously by those in powerful positions, as well as most governments because they need your buy-in to their systems of control through debt & peer pressure. Your self reliance & resilience will serve you well over the coming years. Be a producer. Someone needs you.

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