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Taming the Tricky Ego (3 min 33 sec)

    1. The tricky shadows of identification.

    A young seeker named Tommy embarked on a journey to understand the formation of the ego. The ego, a cunning deceiver, attempted to usurp the Divine Presence of God. Tommy was determined to unravel its mysteries and find true liberation.

    2. The illusion of knowledge and opinions.

    As Tommy delved deeper, he encountered the ego's next cunning trap: knowledge and opinions. The ego convinced him that the more he knew and the stronger his opinions, the more superior he became.
    Tommy observed how his ego clung to thoughts, defending them fervently when challenged. It became clear that the ego derived its power from identifying itself with these mental constructs.

    3. Stories of "me", weaving the web of ego.

    Tommy also uncovered the ego's storytelling nature. He witnessed how the ego crafted tales of personal history, highlighting achievements and grievances, to solidify its existence.
    Tommy realized how easily he became defensive and upset when his ego felt threatened by external circumstances or differing perspectives. He saw how the ego's story of "me" was the foundation of its power.

    4. Unveiling the sleeping mind.

    The journey led Tommy to the discovery of the sleeping mind—a state where the ego's influence remains unexamined.
    He noticed how many of his actions were governed by fear and aggression, resulting in the continuation of violence and division. Tommy recognized the significance of awakening from this slumber and intuitively knew there must be a better way.

    5. The call of true freedom.

    As Tommy delved further, he began to understand that ego, whether individual or collective, thrived on identification with thoughts. However, he realized that his True Essence transcended these illusions. Tommy heard the call of true freedom, beckoning him to let go of the ego's grasp and connect with the limitless love within.

    6. Embracing the power within.

    With newfound clarity, Tommy learned to observe his thoughts without getting entangled in them. He recognized that possessions were fleeting and opinions were mere perspectives, not the essence of his Being. Tommy redefined his sense of identity beyond the ego's limitations.

    7. Awakening to authenticity.

    Tommy saw through the ego's illusions and embraced his Authentic Self—a being of love, kindness, light, and interconnectedness. He realized that the ego's tricks were no match for peace and joy that passeth all understanding.

    8. A world transformed ("Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind")

    Inspired by Tommy's transformation, others embarked on their own quests to tame the tricky ego and awaken to their True Nature.
    Young seekers everywhere began to understand the intricate workings of the ego and the profound importance of self-discovery. They too embraced the call to awaken and live authentically, forever transforming their lives seeing the world anew.

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