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Tangible Positive changes I have made in my life in the past ~2 years

I am so thankful that finally, I was able to make a few positive changes to my life, that I had been wanting to do for ages!

    1. Fitness: Yoga

    I have been doing yoga 4-5 days a week for the past 2 years. This is the longest I have been so disciplined in my life. Either I would not do anything for my health (except walking) or would start and stop within a month! Love yoga and finally it's part of my routine!

    2. Fitness: Hike

    I would do one-off hikes before- sometimes once in a year or once in a few months. However, this year was different. I started off with 31 days, and 31 hikes in January and have continued with it since then. Now, it's about once a week given other priorities.

    3. Fitness: Gym

    Though I always liked nature and being outdoors (even when I was not active), I hated being in the gym. Found it boring, difficult, and everything else. Right before covid, I had a personal trainer for a few weeks and then, it stopped due to covid. Finally, I have a trainer again who comes once a week and helps me with functional exercises in the gym. I am so happy that I finally made space for the gym in my life- even though I am not the biggest fan, it makes me happy and I know that it is important for me.

    4. Fitness: Running

    It was day 1 today- though happy that I have added this to my life. Can not wait to be better at it and also, start enjoying it!

    5. Fitness: Green juicing

    For the past 10+ months, I have been doing green juicing at home and consume it about 4-6 times a week. I have not seen any direct benefits, though I am 100% sure of the changes it would have been making inside me.

    6. Fitness: Healthy eating

    Though we always ate healthy food at home (culprit is socializing and eating out), the last 10-11 months have been much better. I have done a lot of cooking, and that too very thoughtful healthy cooking with a ton of healthy ingredients

    7. Wriitng

    Writing was never my forte, though so happy that I have been writing on different forums and my blogs for the past 2+ years. It is good to be able to exercise a new muscle as well as good to be able to express my thoughts and opinions. P.S. I also write now without fear and quickly. i.e. do not try to perfect every single thing before I post. This keeps me going! I spend time editing only when I want to.

    8. Fitness: meditation

    After thinking for years and years, I finally started meditating a few times a week over the past few months. This one has been hard to maintain, though glad to be on this journey.

    9. 8-9 hours of sleep

    Even though many of us do not realize it, sleep is as much important as nutrition and exercising. I finally am putting all the needed attention to it , not just for the quantity of sleep- but quality of sleep too. I dim the lights in the evening, avoid watching tv, avoid checking phone (still trying) etc , so I can get good quality sleep- I also sleep around the same time and wake up around the same time.

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