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Teaching CV

I think it's time I got back to teaching. Rough draft of my new cv.

    1. Personal Bio

    I taught English in China for 4 years. I returned home at the start of the pandemic. Since then I've worked on my own projects (see below) and worked in retail (see below). Now that the world is returning to normality, I want to return to what I do best, teaching.

    2. Jobs

    Customer Assistance - Tesco - 2020 - present

    I worked at multiple locations throughout the store, warehouse, checkouts and stacking shelves. I've taught and managed new staff members.

    Senior Teacher - English First - 2016 - 2020
    I taught 3 - 17 year olds. I also trained and coached teachers (gained certificates for both). I reviewed others classes and provided feedback. During my time here I gained a TKT:Young Learners from Cambridge University and won an award from Sina Star Teachers.

    If you'd like to know my previous jobs, just ask.

    3. Education

    Computer Animation With Multimedia (Hons) - University of the West Of Scotland - 2009 - 2013

    4. Volinteering

    Befriender - Wellbeing Scotland - 2020

    5. Personal projects

    Easy! English /Chinese - Comics that helped children learn a new language. Conversation focused. (2020)

    Published a Book - The Rocco Effect - Set 1 (2020)

    Music Videos - I've animated two music videos. (2020, 2022)

    Online Course - I made a course on how to live a happier life. (2022)

    6. Skills

    Coaching, teacher training, management, problem solving,

    7. Other achievements

    Teacher training - EF-2019

    Coaching - EF - 2018

    Star Teacher - Sina-2018

    TKT - Young Learners - Cambridge University (band 3) - 2016

    Tefl - The TEFL Academy - 2016

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