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Tech Free Sundays - Reasons To Take A Break From Technology

I used the scheduler feature for this idea post. :)

    1. Deeper Relationships

    Cell phones rule our lives. Some estimates put average daily cell phone use at 5 plus hours a day. That's a lot of texting/scrolling! This prodigious use comes at a cost to our relationships. How can we connect with the people in our lives if the most important relationship is with a piece of technology?

    2. Improve Self Worth

    Social Media can make us feel woefully inadequate. On LinkedIn, it can feel like everyone is a millionaire that's never had a business failure. On Instagram, everyone is in a new country each month. Etc. Remember: Social Media is filled with highlight reels. People are only showing you the good times. Very rarely do people share posts about getting fired, getting a divorce, going bankrupt, or about their staycation.

    3. Get Shit Done

    I know you've been here: you've got a to do list as long as your arm.....but then your favorite influencer releases a new podcast episode, that cute girl on Bumble messages you, then you click on your favorite video of bears in nature, and in my case, you end up watching videos of Skydivers. An hour or two later, you're still watching and you've got nothing done. We can't get anything important done if we're looking at our phones all the time.

    4. Reduce Stress

    Technology promotes an ALWAYS ON culture. It becomes incredibly easy to take home work with you, and difficult to set healthy boundaries. Being available all the time comes at a heavy cost - our sanity. I once received 155 work related emails in an hour. That math works out to more than 2 emails every minute.

    5. See and Think More Clearly

    To see things clearly, make better decisions, and find a more productive way to do things when you return. For example, you’ll assess a pile of emails more quickly and delete unnecessary messages, instead of reading them all.

    6. Reflect

    To question and notice the ways you’ve become dependent on, reliant on or addicted to certain digital platforms or media. (It’s easier to observe your behaviour when you take a step back.)

    7. Conquer Nomophobia

    There's a word for a fear of not having your phone that's so persistent that it affects the quality of your daily life: Nomophobia. Folks with Nomophobia can't leave the house without their phone. This isn't healthy and it's not normal.

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