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Tech positivity ideas

A place to go to counteract the damage that social media is doing

    1. Body positivity website

    Pictures of average, normal people making a difference in the world.

    2. Couples creating lasting bonds website

    Couples, at any age, doing the things that make a bond last.

    3. Depression before and after website

    Stories about what led to depression and how the person overcame or treated it.

    4. Treating insecurity website

    Looking at the root causes of feeling insecure and protecting your brain from the messages that feed insecurity.

    5. Understanding obesity website

    Having a positive body image versus cultivating health. How to have a positive outlook but also know the impact obesity has on your health.

    6. Good news websites

    A resource that focuses on all the good news around the world.

    7. Support when you're feeling low app

    We have a tendency to focus on the negative. Having a positivity partner to message or call when things don't seem too positive.

    8. Intermittent positive texts throughout the day

    9. Gratitude list website

    Like NotePD, but focused on gratitude

    10. Positivity master course online

    An online course that teaches you to avoid the negative thoughts and cultivate the positive.

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