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Tell me why

Why do I believe what I believe? Now that's a question for a philosopher.

So many factors inform and influence our beliefs. Here's my attempt to model out "belief" and its different elements, with an example (not taken from my life, but from theory) of each element included for good measure.

    1. Because it suits my narrative

    e.g. a politician who wants to increase domestic oil production might frame it as an issue of national security

    2. Because it's what I was taught

    e.g. there are 9 planets

    3. Because it's what I want to be true

    e.g. God exists

    4. Because it's what the evidence conclusively points to

    e.g. eating sugar isn't great for you

    5. Because I feel it

    e.g. anything related to romance or love

    6. Because it's the least-bad hypothesis

    e.g. we haven't come across extraterrestrial life yet because we haven't been looking long enough, or in the right places

    7. Because it's convention

    e.g. 1 + 1 = 2

    8. Because I have no choice

    e.g. "I exist"

    9. Because it's what I have observed

    e.g. the stars shine at night

    10. Because someone told me so

    e.g. "If Guy Fieri eats there, it's good enough for me"

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