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Ten benefits of spending a day doing nothing

I can be guilty of trying to get a few work things done during the weekend when it's "quiet" and I have time to focus... plus I have a couple side hustles in addition to my full time job, and even when I'm not working there are always errands to run, etc... Today I slept in, took my dog for a walk and spent the rest of the day listening to podcasts and chatting with friends about fun stuff that had nothing to do with work and it felt great. 

    1. It helps you recharge

    I'm actually looking forward to starting work tomorrow morning because I feel really well rested right now

    2. It puts things in perspective

    The world didn't stop spinning just because I spent a day being "lazy". Sometimes it's easy to forget that even the things I usually work on that feel like they're super urgent can wait. Making a conscious effort to not do them is a good reminder.

    3. It makes me more present with the people I care about

    I had a chance to catch up with some old friends today and had a bunch of great conversations that I wouldn't have been able to have if I was distracted by work.

    4. It's physically healthy

    I eat a lot better when I have plenty of time to cook and focus on what I'm making and getting extra sleep is healthy too.

    5. It's mentally healthy

    Not trying to multitask or constantly organize and prioritize all the things I need to get done in my head reduces my stress level exponentially.

    6. There are a lot of good podcasts to catch up on

    James Altucher, Rich Roll, etc...

    7. It helps with creativity

    I can come up with a lot more ideas when I give my mind time to just "wander"

    8. My dog appreciated the long walk this morning

    And the timing was perfect because we still made it home before it started raining

    9. I feel more rested physically

    I usually do a cardio workout on Sunday mornings but I skipped that today too and now my body feels supercharged and even more ready for tomorrow's workout 

    10. I'm about to have an awesome evening with my daughter

    We're going to have a nice dinner and maybe play a game or watch a movie... but no matter what we decide to do, not having to think about work while I'm doing it will make it a thousand times better for both of us.

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