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Ten causes of our resistance to Truth (2 min 12 sec)


    1. We have a fear of change.

    Letting go of our old belief systems and stepping into the unknown, is intimidating for most.

    2. We have a strong attachment to our ego.

    We are heavily identified with our ego and resist the idea of transcendence.

    3. We seek comfort in victimhood.

    We are not victims of external circumstances but creators of our own reality. However, we find comfort in playing the victim's role.

    4. We’re resistant to forgiveness.

    We don’t want to let go of grievances. We resist forgiving others due to a desire for vengeance.

    5. We fear responsibility.

    We don’t realize the power of our thoughts in shaping our experiences. We prefer to blame external factors rather than take ownership for our lives.

    6. We have an attachment to materialism.

    We are deeply attached to materialistic pursuits and we resist the idea of finding fulfillment through inner transformation.

    7. We are uncomfortable with spiritual concepts.

    Metaphysical and spiritual concepts challenge our existing belief system or religious upbringing. We are resistant to exploring these concepts and prefer to stick to familiar ground.

    8. We are extremely skeptical towards miracles.

    Miracles arise through having a shift in perception. However, we are skeptical and have a rigid worldview that dismisses the idea of miracle-mindedness.

    9. We are fearful of losing our identity.

    Our true identity lies beyond the limitations of our physical bodies and personal histories. This is quite unsettling for people who strongly identify with their external attributes and fear losing their sense of self.

    10. We lack readiness.

    Simply stated, some people are not ready to be open to receiving the good news. Each spiritual journey unfolds at its own pace, and readiness varies from person to person.

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