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Ten Foods I Would Never Eat

Getting a bit lazy about using AI. But did learn about durian and balut, which I had never heard about before. Comments in brackets.

Ten Foods I Would Never Eat

    1. Oysters

    The slimy texture and briny taste of oysters just doesn't appeal to me. I've tried them before, and I just can't get past the feeling of slurping down a live creature.\n\n [Yes, very much so.]

    2. Durian

    Known as the 'king of fruits,' durian has a strong odor that is often described as a mix of gym socks and rotten onions. The smell alone is enough to turn me off.\n\n [Never heard of... doesn't sound appealing.]

    3. Balut

    This Filipino delicacy consists of a partially developed duck embryo boiled and eaten straight from the shell. The thought of biting into a partially formed duck just doesn't sit well with me.\n\n [Yep. I think I threw up in my mouth a bit.]

    4. Liver

    The metallic taste and grainy texture of liver make it a definite no-go for me. I've tried it in various dishes, but I just can't acquire a taste for it.\n\n [Was just talking to a co-worker about unliked food. Mom fried liver regularly, and it makes me sick thinking of it.]

    5. Tripe

    The thought of eating the lining of an animal's stomach is enough to make my stomach turn. The rubbery texture and strong smell are not something I want to experience.\n\n [Have seen it during my supermarket days in school. One of the last things I'd ever consider eating.]

    6. Brussels Sprouts

    I know they are touted as a superfood, but the bitter taste and mushy texture of Brussels sprouts are not enjoyable for me. I've tried them cooked in different ways, but they just don't appeal to my palate.\n\n [Yes on this.]

    7. Caviar

    While caviar is considered a delicacy and a sign of luxury, the fishy taste and popping texture of the eggs are not something I find appetizing.\n\n [Actually like it. Salty taste. But I don't want to spend the $ for the good stuff.]

    8. Anchovies

    These tiny fish are often used as a pizza topping or in sauces, but their overpowering salty flavor is not something I enjoy. I prefer my pizzas and sauces without the fishy taste.\n\n [Wrong. Love anchovies, especially on pizza or in correctly prepared Caesar salads.]

    9. Haggis

    This traditional Scottish dish made from sheep's heart, liver, and lungs mixed with oats and spices is just not my cup of tea. The combination of organ meats and the strong flavor is not something I would willingly try.\n\n [Hard pass.]

    10. Black Licorice

    While many people enjoy the distinctive flavor of black licorice, I find it to be too strong and overpowering. The taste lingers in my mouth long after I've finished eating it.\n\nThese are just a few examples of the foods that I would never eat. Of course, everyone has their own preferences and tastes, and what may be unappealing to me might be someone else's favorite. It's all about personal preference when it comes to food, and these are the foods that I choose to avoid. [Wrong, wrong, wrong on this one. When I can get real licorice, I love it. Not the sugar, but the taste - yes!]

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