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Ten Ideas In Reverse Creation

Tried Something New. Instead of writing the main title (or no title) then coming up with the ideas based on a central theme. I "sexed" the first two things that popped up in my head down the list, then went back and came up with ideas.)

(Offf, could not think of squat for 3, 4 & 9. Went all in on 10😅)

    1. Cats + Spaghetti

    Cat toy that looks like meatball and spaghetti strings. Add on sale item for cookware stores.

    2. Shirts + C-clamp

    Promotional item for C-clamps used for woodworkers. The t-shirt while it can be worn is a towel for wiping up wood glue.

    3. Keyboard + Sharks

    4. Ducks + Rainbows

    5. Pencils + Cutting Board

    - Pencils shaped like little cutting boards

    - Pencils epoxied together and fashioned down into a cutting board (not certain this would be healthy though)

    6. Land + Helicopter

    - Create a helicopter hub where there is a chain of islands instead of using boats for travel

    7. Bugs + Seaweed

    - Create a new line of workout supplements. Bug protein powder and Seaweed greens powder.

    8. Orange Juice + Toaster

    - Sold as a set. When you slide your toast down in the morning, the orange juicer automatically makes a cup of Oj.

    9. Bricks + Lemon


    10. Java Script + Landmines

    Joe set in his ways, and refused change. Same route, same lunch, same movies every Friday. This Friday leaving the office late, he rushed not wanting to be on that side of town after dark. The laundry mat on 26th & Dotson was the only working video machine left in the city within walking distance.

    Joe suddenly wakes to find himself sitting at a desk, legs tied. Blinking out the blur he reads "Press Play or Die." Clicking play, a Javascript pop-up flashes a timer and a pixelated chess board. "In order to win don't pull the pin, Joe!" Looking under the chair Joe sees a red cord tied to the clip of an M14 landmine. . .

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