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Ten Ideas That Have Sex

    1. Dogs + Monkeys

    Sometimes it gets boring (or annoying) to go to dog parks. You either have Karen yelling at you b/c her dog is attacking yours (true story) or it's just the same ole same ole.

    What if. . .

    The zoo had days where you could bring your dog to the zoo and meet exotic animals. It could be fun or it could be the worst idea ever.

    2. Valentine + High-rise

    Does your significant other work in an office building? Suprise them with a ballon floated right up to their office window.

    3. Programable Door Sensor

    I forget many things as I walk out the door. Create a programable door sensor that messages your phone with a reminder,

    "don't forget X"

    If it's going to rain, "grab an umbrella"

    4. TV + Tracks

    So you could move your TV to any spot on the wall. Tracks that are inlaid into the wall to move the TV.

    As smart board TVs devlop, could be good for games at home.

    Possible use in offices

    5. Doggie-Extend-a-Vent

    Floor level vent extentions for doggo. Installed during construction or an aftermarket ad on for the do it yourselfers.

    6. Running + Gamification

    An app where anyone with a smart watch can turn on the app and bet anyone in the vicinity to a race. Watch will keep track of distance and auto pay whomever wins.

    7. Trash + Vacuum Clothes Hamper

    I read in order to make a habit stick, make it fun. To get people to pick up litter have vaccum style trash recepticals.

    8. Earbuds + Language learning

    Instead of a handheld device earbuds that can automatically change the language while talking.

    9. Milk and Eggs + Carvana

    Auto style vending machines close to neighborhoods that have essentials like bread, eggs and milk

    10. Drone + Reminder

    An automatic drone that can bring small items to you at work if you forget

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