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Recalibrate Your Brain with These Ten Questions...

    1. Is this causality or correlation?

    Ex: Does alcohol REALLY have health benefits or do healthier people drink more often?

    2. Is this objective reality or wishful thinking?

    We're ALL prone to wishful thinking. Mental morphine.

    3. How will you feel about this decision in 5 years?

    The next best thing to experience is mentally simulated hindsight.

    4. What do their actions say about their true motives?

    Turn down the volume on what they say and observe what they DO.

    5. Does this belief/habit still serve you or is it obsolete?

    Important to examine the legacy code in your lizard brain. Does it still work or is it throwing errors?

    6. Are they trying to inform you, or scare you?

    Fear is the cheapest and easiest way to control people. The news, snake oil salesmen, heavy handed employers, abusive people all do it.

    7. Are you arguing to convince others or to convince yourself?

    We tend to argue things we're not sure of ourselves.

    8. Have you forgotten your original purpose?

    Look out for 'mission creep'. I'm always amazed at how my intentions turn into a treadmill of "more" or else transmogrify into something absurd.

    9. Are you too emotional to make a good decision right now?

    Clear thinking is the best thinking. Tough to think clearly under the influence of emotions.

    10. Were their actions about you, or their own drama?

    You're just passing through a set on their movie. You're a bit player, an extra. They're not thinking about you.

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