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Ten "Little" Things Which Shouldn't Bug Me, But Do

We all have these... the things that throw you off, but in the bigger picture don't mean anything. I'm still trying to deal with these...

Ten "Little" Things Which Shouldn't Bug Me, But Do

    1. Not Being Early

    My wife and my son both think going somewhere by a certain time means parking the car at that time. I believe it is "required" to be there early.

    2. Leaf Me Alone!

    The one leaf that sticks in the windshield wiper, and won't come off no matter how fast you drive. "Sorry, officer, that darned leaf wouldn't come loose."

    3. Gas Tank Under A Quarter Tank

    Learned that from my grandfather (an oil truck driver) and my Dad. Yeah, I know there's at least another 75 or so miles I can drive, but don't want to risk it.

    4. Less Than Business Casual

    Folks at work in an office wearing jeans, shorts, and/or (clean, but annoying) sport tee-shirts or shirts without a collar.

    5. Clutter

    My wife is a clutter machine. Papers especially - in shopping bags, on end tables, in the kitchen. Once a forever, she goes on a whirlwind of culling and tossing, but between those tornadoes, there are paper piles and other things (a box with a bunch of bubble wrap from a wedding present long since given) all around.

    6. Not Chipping In

    Yes, we all have our tasks / chores to do at home and at work. But, if the kid sees a piece of paper on the floor which would go into the recycling (my job), he should pick it up and put it in.

    7. "No Problem"

    Proper responses to "thank you" might be "your welcome" or "my pleasure" but "no problem" has always felt a bit rude.

    8. What Every Dad Complains About - Part 1

    Jacking the heat up above 70 degrees during the day in heating season. I prefer 68 degrees, but can live with 70. 72 is right out, unless they're paying the bill.

    9. What Every Dad Complains About - Part 2

    If you're not in the room, turn off the lights! The savings may only be a few cents, but its a few cents.

    10. What Every Dad Complains About - Part 3

    "Put the (whatever it is) where it belongs!"

    Recent offenses (by the kid) include the new delivery of dog food cans (2 cases of 12 on the floor next to the cabinet where they go... with three pulled out to feed the dog), and the vacuum cleaner which seems to move itself from room to room with no vacuuming done.

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