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Ten Posts I Should Re-purpose for My Blog

Iron Rogue is my blog about endurance sport, fitness, travel and outdoor/active family living. I struggle to find time and content to add to it, but I've been making lists here on @NotePD faithfully, so maybe I can save myself some efforts and the blog can reap the benefits...

    1. Ways To Spend Time Together As a Family

    Most of these involve physical activity so it fits the theme of the blog.

    2. Top Ten Things That Make Ontario Better Than B.C.

    Fits the bill regarding travel...

    3. Top Ten Things That Make B.C. Better than Ontario

    ...whereas this one fits regarding travel and outdoor activity.

    4. Top Ten Tech Toys I Would Buy If I Had the Budget

    I used to do tech/gear reviews from time to time, and many items on this list are about outdoor sports or more content for the blog.

    5. Things I'm Looking Forward To in Germany

    I recap our Germany visits every year. This would be a preview of sorts.

    6. Ideas for 1st time Runner

    This is exactly the kind of post I used to write on the blog.

    7. Sports/Exercises I Want To Try

    Again this is very on-brand for the Iron Rogue blog. Technically, I have tried Cyclocross once.

    8. Travel Bucket List for Adventurous Families

    Travel Content.

    9. 10 New Blog Post Ideas

    This couldn't be a post in and of itself, but obviously, these are topics I thought I could get around to writing about. I had forgotten about this list, which shows it's worth periodically reviewing your idea lists. Looks like I won't make it to 10 today, but given that I had 11 yesterday, I will cut myself some slack.

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