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Ten random questions

I love questions. I love asking questions. I love to experience spontaneous illumination from asking deep and provocative questions.

    1. Who would you be without your story?

    2. What's the one thing that would need to happen to heal all of the world's sorrows?

    3. Is there any payoff, at all, of feeling like a victim? If the answer is "yes" - what are those payoffs?

    4. Are all encounters serendipitous?

    5. Is being self-deprecating a good strategy? If so, why.

    6. Why is it that you see yourself being above or below your neighbor/friend/colleague but not equal to?

    7. Could you be just as happy sitting on a park bench as you would be holed up in a pent house?

    8. Despite all of the advancements we've made in society why are so many people still so separated, angry, sad, depressed, envious, hateful, and afraid?

    9. If you only had to pick one thing to pursue in life (just one) above everything else what would you choose?

    10. What happens in your special relationships when your partner stops giving you what you want? When he/she stops living out the script that you've written for him/her?

    11. If you're afraid and you have children that are watching you - what do you believe you are teaching them? What silent messages are you sending to them?

    12. How is the pursuit of more working out for you so far?

    13. Are you an eternal being or you just another made up sense of self in a meat suit?

    14. Have you ever really questioned a belief you hold so dear and were you willing to let it go if new information was found to contradict your long held belief?

    15. Where do you go for answers to your most pressing questions?

    16. Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?

    17. Are heaven and hell, physical places that you go when you "die" or merely just different states of Mind?

    18. Why do you have idols?

    19. Have you ever looked into the eyes of another and didn't turn away until you witnessed their pupils dilate? What happen afterwards?

    20. Have you ever looked at anyone beyond their form (body), without your story about them (young, old, skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, rich, poor, sad, happy) and saw their Light - The Truth of What They Are?

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