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Ten Recent Personal Things To Be Grateful For

Haven't done this in a bit...

Ten Recent Personal Things To Be Grateful For

    1. Teen's Room Cleaned

    The wife and the kid spent some time Saturday getting his room cleaned and getting rid of a bunch of ca-ca.

    2. January is ending

    As the church treasurer, January is year-end financials and payroll reporting work. And the church annual congregational meeting, which is usually a Spanish Inquisition of the treasurer. All got done, and all were fine.

    Plus the days continue to get longer...

    3. Renewed interest in an old hobby.

    Have had an aquarium for many years (40 gallon tropical), and I've let it go for a few years.

    Yes, the fish got fed, water added when needed, but for a couple years have only had six Corydoras ("catfish")

    I stopped buying fish (the Corys were tank-grown) as I didn't want them to die because of the water parameters (low ph, high hardness). The tank was overgrown with Java Ferns,

    Two weekends ago, I decided (as part of the decluttering I'm trying to do) to either give the fish away and give up the tank, or try again. A few minutes watching YouTube aquarium videos, and I was reminded how much I enjoy the hobby.

    I removed 80% or so of the ferns, cleaned the tank and filters, and have been doing water changes and testing the water. When it gets back to normal (a week or so?), we'll start stocking the tank, slowly.

    4. Doing More Good

    I work at a non-profit agency offering residential living for adults with developmental disabilities. We're close to opening a new four-bed home. That means four people will get their own home and either leave an institutional setting, or out of their aging parents home, avoiding institutional placement when their parents pass.

    5. Teen Playing Recreation Basketball

    He likes to play the game, but passed on playing last year because he didn't make the high school team. We "forced" him to play this year, and while he's not good, he's having fun and isn't sitting in front of the XBox all day.

    6. Feeling Physically Well

    Getting more exercise than usual for this time of year. Body is holding up nicely (spinal stenosis has screwed me up some). Just wish I could sleep later than 4am...

    7. Teen Still in Boy Scouts

    Just needs to do "Board of Review" to get his Star rank, which would get him one away from Eagle Scout (Life is the one in between). That was a goal of his, and is a goal of the wife's. He has a year and two months to get to Eagle. And still participating (with gentle and some not so gentle nudges)

    8. Wife Feeling Better

    After false diagnosis of kidney stones and gall stones, she had a virus which has been treated and she's getting back to normal.

    9. Both Our Moms Still With Us

    The MIL is 90, legally blind and just had a hip replacement - she's very active and not letting her situation stop her. She's close, so we see her a lot. My mom is 87 and doing OK. She's in state, but about a 90 minute drive, so while I speak to her at least weekly, we don't see her often.

    10. Football Officiating Is Only Seven Months Away

    Scrimmages are at the end of August. And, there's a flag football tournament fundraiser for Special Olympics in March, at MetLife Stadium.

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