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Ten things I learned from finishing my latest project

I finished the Pressed Flowers Hat. I did not enjoy this project.


    1. I need to commit to creating swatches

    This is a knitting practice that knitters do BEFORE Starting a project. It's like measuring twice, then knitting once. Had I done that, I would have realized that I had no desire to knit this project.

    2. I like the patterns that come up with multi-colored projects, but I tend to hold the yarn too tightly.

    This project didn't fit my head because I knit too tightly. It would be a great present for a kid.

    3. I knit tightly with multi-color projects.

    You have to hold 2 or more strands of yarn together and then make sure that they don't have big loops inside the hat. But at the same time, you need to hold the yarn loosely. LOOSELY. I'm so tense about the pattern that I think I hold them too tightly.

    4. I don't like holding 2 strands of color

    It makes knitting more complicated and you have to pay close attention. Which results in tension - not a relaxing knit.

    5. I like the yarn I knit with.

    Soft, pretty and washable.

    6. I like the pattern. I just think someone else should knit it for me.

    7. When you are happier at finishing then at the finished piece of work, you need to reflect.

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