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Ten Things The Cats Do Around The House

They keep busy.

Ten Things The Cats Do Around The House

    1. Fill the litter boxes

    Three boxes, one upstairs, one downstairs, one in the basement. And they seem to be filled all the time.

    2. Deposit hair balls

    On the rugs, not on the flooring. Of course.

    3. Dig in recycling bin

    Small paper recycle bin at my desk is the source of paper balls for the kitten to pull out, play with, and leave when he wants to.

    4. Fight

    The kitten taunts and attacks his sisters. One just runs, the other fights back. Yes, they do get along, but there is a 15 year age difference, and the old ladies don't like being bothered. And the sisters do fight occasionally...

    5. Nap in odd places

    Shelves, window sill, on my mouse pad when I'm trying to work.

    6. Run from the puppy

    The kitten will fight back. The old ladies just go the other way.

    7. Eat like maniacs

    Probably the kitten, but the dry food bowl empties daily, when it used to empty weekly.

    8. Want to get pet

    Usually when I'm trying to get work done, nap on the couch, or go to sleep. But, we dutifully comply.

    9. Watch the outside world

    All three like having the window and the doors open (with the screen closed, of course). None of them make noises when they see birds, but the kitten does climb the screens (heavy duty - learned my lesson before when the dog shredded one trying to get at a squirrel).

    10. Wake me up

    They get fed when I wake up. So, when they're hungry, they're waking me up. Before 4am. Ugh. But I do love them...

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