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Ten things to downsize

Spring cleaning has a way of making us feel like we need less stuff. After listening to "All the hacks" podcast episode #54 with Minimalist Joshua Becker I realized there are so many more things to downsize than just old clothes.

    1. Junk in the house

    Most obvious answer. Does it spark joy?

    2. Slim the fat out of your budget

    Trubill is great at catching useless subscriptions btw

    3. Hobbies

    Most people push hobbies as healthy but you only have so much time in a day

    4. Attention

    Our phones are the biggest killers here

    5. Goals

    This can kill your happiness almost as fast as failures

    6. Expectations

    Expecting certain results leads to frustration and quitting. Process goals are much better.

    7. Podcasts

    Sorry James but having something on in the background at all times can be mentally draining also

    8. Chores

    Try to be more efficient and happier with fewer tasks or you can feel like Cinderella.

    9. Career

    I went to a sports Hall of Fame event recently and each inductee spoke about how their family had to sacrifice just as much as they did and how they were never there for them. Really hard to celebrate that.

    10. What others think about you

    Easy to think of but extremely hard to snap this habit. How often do you think of your co-workers? That is the amount they think of you

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