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Ten Things To Prepare For

Keeping in line with simplicity, progress, and being target oriented. Here are some "to-dos" I need to have at the forefront of my idea-ideations.

    1. Stop Start

    We don't have time. There are a million and one ideas to try and let fail, so the best can come to the surface. I will be placing an experation date for each of the ideas.

    2. Measure

    I will need to keep track of how each idea is going.

    3. Don't get it sideways

    K.I.S.S - Keep it simple stupid. Don't get lost on tangents.

    4. Sustainability

    Though we can do much, we can't do what we don't like for long.

    5. Kill Ideas Fast

    Don't wishful think myself into a corner.

    6. Notion of Excitement

    Though this is a further division of the above ideas, I need to keep in mind what excites me as well as what excites others.

    (This can and should be measured)

    7. Keep My Mouth Shut

    This is by far one of the hardest things for me to do. Why? Well because I like to blabber, but the real reason to keep my mouth shut is amazingly put by Derik Sivers in his ted talk HERE.

    8. Remember Robert Greene

    I can't remember which law or book (he's got so many) but the basic premise (b/c this will be conducted in a work environment) is a few of his laws I'll need to be keeping in mind. Like these. . .

    "Don't outshine the master"

    "Let them come to you"

    9. Document

    I should document the process, or at least keep a journal of my inner thoughts as well as happenings in the day. Could be content or at least fodder for writing.

    10. Keeping it All Together

    While taking on something new, I need to always remember not to let the core basics fall by the wayside.





    11. Estoy un poco cansado/a

    Some Spanish I learned tonight ala @mkhill1212


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