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Ten Things You Can Do That Will Immediately Improve Your Life 100%

Unless your life is already perfect. In that case, I got nothin' for you.

    1. Take a shower.

    Unless you just took one 20 minutes ago. In that case, take a shower with someone else.

    2. Have a snack.

    Unless you just ate something. In that case, forcefeed something to somebody else.

    3. Clean your room.

    Unless your room is already spotless. In that case, you have two choices: completely rearrange the room, or go all Orson Welles on it. (Which, admittedly, is just a variation on option 1.)

    4. Pet a dog. Or a cat.

    Alive, if possible, stuffies are somewhat acceptable. If none are available do not seek reptiles of more than three feet in length.

    5. Meditate.

    Unless you just woke up. In that case, watch YouTube mindlessly for three hours, then do a TikTok about how unproductive that is.

    6. Read "Choose Yourself!" by @jamesaltucher

    Unless you just read it. In that case, Read "Reinvent Yourself" and undo every change you made after reading Choose Yourself just for fun.

    7. Start an online SaaS and make MAD MONEY BRAH

    Unless you have no idea what that means. In that case, start a Twitter account that tells people to start SaaSes, whatever they are.

    8. Go carnivore.

    Unless you already are. In that case, take the next step and just go full cannibal.

    9. Go for a walk.

    Unless you just got back from one. In that case, drive to a nice park and watch Netflix on your phone while ignoring the sunset.

    10. Write a new idea list on NotePD

    Unless you just finished one. In that case, write another one. Then mash 'em all together.

    Then take a shower.

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