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Ten times you lied

Lies rarely lead to anything good. Here are ten lies that had consequences in my life.

    1. Told a girl that I was a smoker to impress her.

    I wasn't, then I became one as a result. Didn't get the girl, but took seven years to quit smoking.

    2. That my career success is a result of hard work.

    It's not. Hard work played the smallest role. People skills and luck had a lot more to do with that growth.

    3. That healthy processed foods are healthy. They're still junk.

    4. That cholesterol isn't a concern. Most research still says that it is.

    5. That continuing to edit my podcast will make it any better. Only publishing it and working on the next episode will.

    6. That living over 100 years is worthwhile. That's a lot of goodbyes.

    7. That cursing is okay. It's not, I have a small child that's a sponge.

    8. That you should hang onto friends for life. Untrue, some people are better left in the past.

    9. That ending sentences with exclamation points is great! It's annoying and we'll look back and cringe at the habit.

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