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Ten Ways to Use Kettlebells & Auxiliary Exercises

My ACL is still on the mend so no squatting or jerk motions ( jerk motion: think of the stomp an Olympic lifter does after a pull, it's similar to this) So these are some of the exercises I've been toying with and/or doing.

    1. Crawling

    This is a fantastic mobility/workout depending on how many rounds you do. I've mostly been bear crawling until my dog gets crazy and nails me in the nads with his nose since I'm on "his level"

    2. Clean and Push Press

    Cleaning the KB with no knee bend, pressing the bell, and repeating

    3. Hardstyle Swing

    Any swing (can be done with a single dumbbell as well) where you are holding the KB with two hands. It's the most traditional style seen.

    4. Pull Ups.

    Man oh man do these die off quickly when you don't practice. Also the 5-10 pounds extra doesn't help either, I'm sure!

    5. Snatch

    These will most likely be my mainstay for a while as there is little to no impact on the knees. This is where the KB is taken from overhead, swung between the legs and back overhead in one motion. Repeated on both sides

    6. Push Ups

    7. Cleans

    Holding the KB, slight swing between the legs, back to rack position.

    8. Diet

    While I could eat a little more "dirty" while working out regularly. Not working out and eating the same amount plus the ole sweets and pizza. . .adds up fast.

    9. Thinking about getting Clubs. Never used them but they look like fun.

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