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The 10 emails you should send this week

This is something I force myself to do at least once a year and I challenge you to do the same. It has resulted in new connections, job offers, business opportunities and a host of other advantages. However dont ever expect anything in return. In most cases nothing will happen but occasionally it will be magic.

    1. Someone you admire

    Could be an athlete, celebrity, author, entrepreneur or an old friend. Either way make sure you tell them what it is you admire about them and why.

    2. Someone you have broken up with

    Ask them how they are going, remind them of the good times you had together and tell them you are sorry for how it ended but hope they are now doing well.

    3. Someone who used to be your boss

    Tell them what you liked about them, what you learned from them and how you have put it into practice. I've been doing this years ago expecting nothing in return and it occasionally it even leads to a job offer.

    4. Someone whose product you love using

    Similar to item 1 but tell them how long you have been using it and what you love about it. I watched my mother do this back in the 80s when she would hand write letters to companies and often received discounts, free merchandise and even appeared in a commercial. For many companies today that are focussed on user experience and human centred design, this type of feedback you give them is gold.

    5. Someone who you havent spoken to in a while

    We all have people that we used to talk to but life got in the way. Dig out that old email and pick up like you left off.

    6. Someone you used to play with

    A childhood friend, sporting team mate, anyone who you used to meet up and spend quality time with.

    7. Someone who you need to forgive

    You know who that person is. Who you have left things badly with. Dont worry about the burnt bridge, I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

    8. Someone you want to go into business with

    Dont just ask, provide them value, offer them ideas. Most will ignore, some will respond and if you are lucky a couple may take you up on your offer.

    9. Someone who you dont know

    Find a name from a phone book (remember those) internet post or anywhere. Type first name, last name @ gmail.com and chances are you will find someone. Try it out and see what happens.

    10. Yourself

    Write about how you are feeling and what you hope to be doing in a years time. Serves as a sort of time capsule to go back and see how you were doing in the future.

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