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The Anti-Day-After-Thanksgiving Consumerism Idea List

The hyper-consumerism season is upon us. Pressure to find the perfect gift (combined with the scarcity mindset propagated by the retail world) is a recipe for anxiety and seasonal dread. Think about alternatives before you click to buy or get trampled at the store.

The Anti-Day-After-Thanksgiving Consumerism Idea List

    1. Plan a nice dinner out with family or friends

    It doesn't have to be lavish. Plan on a nice night out at a fancy restaurant. Or maybe a budget restaurant where you used to go as a family when you were a kid. Make it meaningful.

    2. Plan a nice vacation

    Again, this doesn't have to be an expensive and complicated getaway. A meaningful place is all that is needed as the seed for the idea. If you wanted to go big, you and your siblings could create an expense sharing account on an app like "Cheddar Up" and budget a weekly or monthly deposit to create a dream trip for your parents and the entire family.

    3. Plan a road trip

    A quick day trip to your local haunts or a multi-day adventure with no set schedule would be a blast with the right person.

    4. Plan an experience

    For the car lover in your life, think about a race track day. There are exotic supercars available for the thrill of a lifetime. For someone who likes the relaxation, a day at the spa is always a great idea. There are so many ways you can personalize an experience for someone you know and love.

    5. Plan a nice walk or hike

    If exercise is your thing, grant the gift of a local hike with your undivided attention. Leave the phones off.

    6. Create a photo album

    These have become increasingly rare. Get some photos off your phone and into an album. Make it meaningful to you and the recipient.

    7. Cook something

    Plan a dinner and invite friends and family, make a special dessert for that special someone, have a movie night with assorted gourmet popcorn.

    8. Have a movie marathon of a franchise you both love

    Take a day and watch all of the movies in the franchise. Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Godfather, etc.

    9. Challenge each other to find the weirdest/ugliest/funniest whatever, and limit the cost

    Jack-a-lopes and singing bass come to mind.

    10. Promise a daily/weekly/monthly phone call with your undivided attention

    Our time and attention has become increasingly valuable. Schedule something regularly with the person/people you love.

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