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The best future

This is an exercise I like to do in order to push myself forward. Thing's don't look great, but if I can envision the path to something better I'll push through until I get there.

    1. Out of Scotland

    I'm focused on China at the moment. I want to see old friends again and explore all the places that I missed last time. I need to book a visa appointment. I hope it works if not I'm back to square one. I'll hire an agent to do it for me.

    Should that fail I'll look into obtaining a visa to another country.

    I don't have much hope for Scotland. Drug use is more common than it's ever been. In the younger generation it's weird not to do drugs. The policies being pushed forward will have disatorus unexpected consequences. New teacher's are being taught how to 'celebrate diversity '. Or as I see it make kids focus on all the wrong trates. This focus will only breed more racist's, homophobes, etc. I just can't see any improvement in it's future. I hope I'm wrong, but I highly doubt it.

    2. Job I love

    I loved teaching. It's the only job I've really loved. Watching the kids grow gave my job meaning, I could really see that I was making a big difference in peoples lives. Now, not so much. I want to feel meaning and enjoy working again. even if its not teaching I want to find something similar.

    3. multimillionaire

    I want to have enough money to travel the world and do anything I want. Hopefully my clothing store or another project will help me get here.

    4. family

    id like to meet a nice girl and start a family.

    5. stress free

    If I could relax in the sun with no worries I'd be a happy man.

    6. respect

    id like tone respected. Most people like me, but I don't feel they all respect me. Maybe I'm too nice. Maybe I'm not showing them why I should deserve that respect.

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