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The Best Use Of Real Estate That I've Seen


    1. Bags - to carry things. To put something in.

    Contractor - The target market is someone who runs their own business.
    Woven - constructed by interlacing threads of material into a whole. The implication is that the bags are well-constructed.
    Bags - The company uses a word that everyone is familiar with. A bag implies someone or something is in motion.
    110 lbs/42 Gals - To fill up a bag of this size implies that you must be doing some volume to buy bags of this size.
    110 lbs/42 Gals - How much the bag will hold is abundantly clear.
    110 lbs/42 Gals - The bag holds a maximum of 110 lbs but it doesn't have to be filled to capacity to be useful.

    2. Everything you need to know is written on the box.

    The box speaks 3 different languages - English, Spanish, & French
    Tear-resistant - the bag's material can withstand the effects of tearing or cuts when in tension.
    Need to convert 110lbs to kilograms? - Done
    What's the size of the bags? 28"x50" * 71cm x 127cm - No guessing is required.
    How many bags are in the box? 20
    What's the price per bag? 26.46/20 = $1.32/bag - What a bargain.
    Drawstrings closure. Easily draws the bag to a close.
    Wondering what the bag looks like? Wonder no more because an image of what the bag looks like is provided in plain sight.

    3. All real estate is maximized.

    Everything you need to know about the contents of what's in the box is written on the box.

    When you try and market to everyone, you market to no one.

    The only thing missing is having an experience with the bags.

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