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What we actually need to survive, also consider inflation hedges for incrementing cost of living (or even just surviving). Last post mentioned about Food. So, exploring the other topics

Also, watched 2 videos that seems very related to weather pattern (& investment). Just to recap here:

MacroVoices #381 Leigh Goehring: Global Food Crisis Update:

RVDB: Is the Global Food Supply at Risk? With Shawn Hackett:


    1. Air

    Which we cannot survive without air in just minutes. However, Not yet having ideas of how to invest in it. It's considered as "free good". Will try to explore maybe in the future.

    2. Water

    We cannot survive without water in days. Drought was mentioned in those video above. So, it should be worth exploring in related investments.

    The following are directions for my own researches:

    1. ETFs: PHO, FIW, CGW. Seems slightly elevated YTD (7.6% to 9.9%)
    2. Individual stock: (from what I know) Guangdong Investment Ltd. (0270.HK): YTD -16.87%, dividend yield 8.95% seems attractive.

    To be further explore

    3. Energy (for person), ie Food

    Explored last thread.

    4. Energy (Traditional)

    Modern life are mostly dependent on energy, which majority still consist of traditional energy (coal, oil & gas). One also may say, that if we fall short of critical energy supply, there will be problems for supplies of Food & Water (especially in populated area) might be disrupted.

    The following are directions for my own researches:

    1. ETFs: XLE, VDE
    2. Individual stock: CPE, EPD, MPC

    5. Energy (Transition)

    While carbon emmission control are in place, many green energy producers had been online & listed. However, related equities price seems elevated, too. In most simplistic terms, most (if not all) green energy are focused in electrification of as many as possible sources, with renewables. The transition takes decates, so it would also need further material inputs:

    1. ETFs: XLM...
    2. Lithium: not looking into yet
    3. Nickel: while Tsingshan & Norilsk might be largest producers, they're Chinese/Russian. So, seems Brazilian seems more attractive considering geopolitical risks: VALE
    4. Copper: COPX, FCX

    I am also look into the fall back on not-so-traditional, bit controversial: nuclear energy.

    1. Nuclear energy: URNM, UROY, 1164.HK

    6. Healthcare

    Without doubt, the global mortality rate are mostly attributed to noncommunicable diseases, NCD (2019: 73.6% WHO 2022). NCD also attritbutes to loss of functional health. Further considering the dispropotion massive inflation of healthcares, a hedge portfolio should put healthcare related equities in it.

    ETFs: Broad Healthcare: XLV, VHT, IXJ, FHLC

    To be further explore.

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