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The Economics of Concerts

All the ways money is made from music concerts

    1. Ticket Sales

    From front row to the cheap seats

    - The artist takes a cut

    - The venue takes a cut

    - The ticket seller takes a cut

    2. Merch

    - The artist gets money for selling T-Shirts and posts.

    - The artist also sells more CDs at merch, driving up music sales

    - The people manufacturing the merch get a cut

    3. People who produce the stage props get paid

    4. The tour staff gets paid

    The tour road staff gets paid

    5. Private security

    The tour will often hire private local security to make sure that the crowds do not go into restricted areas.

    6. Concessions

    The venue makes money from food and alcohol sales

    7. Venue staff

    They get paid for working the event

    The people also taking tickets and doing security get paid

    8. Parking

    People pay a lot of money for garage and valet parking

    9. Uber/Lyft

    A ton of people take taxis

    10. Local businesses

    People go before and after and spend money in the surrounding area

    11. Local government

    Police are hired to monitor crowds

    The local government gets tax dollars from the event

    12. Local residents property value

    In the City of Dallas, the city is attempting to make the area around the venue an upscale area called Victory Park. There are many new upscale residential high rise buildings. This is driving up property values surrounding the venue.

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