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The Eleven: A Helper For Each day

I have used this as a guide for myself for the last two years plus. Adopted from @JamesAltucher teachings and lessons learned (many still in progress).

I make this a ritual/habit each day for the last two years. I print this out each morning and carry it with me. I don't find this as an answer to anything but rather something that keeps me going.

A. By printing this first thing in the morning it creates an action I can depend on and sets my mind toward the day.

B. Helps me to learn my habits (good and bad).

Maybe this can help you? Or you can take and make something like this your own too. I still fail to do this some days and it usually bites me in the ass.

Anyway, having this as a visual/physical representation of what James talks about helped me crawl out of some dark places.

This can be printed on legal-size paper if anyone is interested in using something like this.


    1. Ten Ideas a Day

    Before we had NotePD


    2. Vanishing Thoughts / Ideas

    Somewhere to jot down random ideas.

    3. Idea Loop

    The moment I have the same reoccurring idea, I jot it down. "If the idea keeps popping up in your head, it might be a good one" - Many, Smarter than me

    4. Discomfort Loop (The ideas that scare me)

    Same as #3 but you avoid thinking about it. . . b/c it scares you.

    (Like sharing this. I've always thought of it as too "low-brow" to share or be of use)

    5. Todays Goals





    I'll have to find the link to where James talks about each of these

    6. Commitment to Self

    I write this down as being the most important commitment and as a reminder.

    7. What I learned

    8. Notations of "In The Zone" (When, Why How)

    We work best in certain situations. I often look back and wonder "why did that work so well?" So I use this to help keep a revolving notion of the time and place and any little "whys" something worked in a particular situation.

    9. What I've Done Well Today

    I can be self-deprecating. So when I've genuinely done something well I take note of it here. Also to help not repeat a mistake I typically would have made in X situation, etc. Some big, some little.

    10. Nightly Recap

    This is my biggest struggle, doing this work. But when I do it consistently it helps me immensely.

    11. Tomorrows Goals

    I use this section more single-line "big goals"

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