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The God Tapes - when a good story tries to replace Truth

The people who seem to talk about God, good or bad, always seem to have their God stories.

Regardless of how well thought out and detailed our stories are about God they're just that - stories.,

    1. Tape #1 - God is an angry and punitive deity in the sky who keeps meticulous records of our "wrongs" and "rights"

    2. Tape #2 - God is one of the most schizophrenic deities ever known to humanity. We're never quite sure which God is going to show up.

    3. Tape #3 - We share a good laugh together as we listen to some of the offbeat things people project onto God.

    4. Tape #4 - We're programmed with untruths about God, mostly by religion, that are quite fearful and grotesque.

    5. Tape #5 - God is in everything because God is in us but we fail to see his magnificence in our daily meanderings.

    6. Tape #6 - We anthropomorphize God which is not only costly but also enormously exhausting to our peace of mind..

    7. Tape #7 - Every false belief we hold to be true about God requires so much self-invention, so much detail, and so much work.

    8. Tape #8 We believe God could be another way other than infinitely loving, completely honest, and full disclosure. There can't be any contradictions to existence.

    9. Tape #9 - God writes the best plans but we spend our lives trying to come up with a better one.

    10. Tape #10 - We feel this deep need to be loved because we've tossed ourselves out of heaven into a world of separation and specialness.

    You'll never find real love in the world of form.

    11. Tape #11 - We're amused and fascinated by God but we don't truly love her.

    12. Tape #12 - God allows our beliefs to become so outrageous that we end up laughing at ourselves.

    13. Tape #13 - More tears have been shed over God allowing us to receive what we want than us allowing him to give us what we need.

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