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The GOP could still lose in 2022.

History, polling, and the “general consensus” all say that the Republican Party is poised to regain control of Congress in the next round of elections in the United States. Unless the GOP themselves screw it up. Any of these mistakes could derail their plans.

    1. Believe the polling

    I think it is always a better strategy to assume you are behind in the race.

    2. Align too closely with Pres. Trump

    Pres. Trump is not on the ballot this election. But the Dems will be running against him and his ideas anyway. If the Republicans are too close, they become an easier target.

    3. Standing too far away from Pres. Trump.

    Whether anyone likes it or not, the former President still has a lot of supporters within the GOP. If a Republican candidate is seen as too strongly trying to distance themselves, this could turn voters off

    4. Apathy

    Historically, mid-term elections are low turn out events. But at least right now, the Democrats have a few issues that has injected new energy to their party.

    5. Not giving voters something to vote FOR

    Past results show that while negative ads do work, successful candidates USUALLY have to also have a positive platform or pledge for people to get behind and vote for.

    6. Forgetting math.

    In the U.S. Senate, the Republicans are defending 50% more seats than the Democrats, including a few “open” seats with no incumbent. 21 vs. 14. That means the Democrats have far more opportunity to gain seats.

    7. Allow fractures

    Current polling suggests that Democrats are currently far more unified than Republicans. If this remains the case, it will definitely weaken the platform.

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