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The James Altucher Show: WHAT TO DO WHEN HALF OF YOU WANTS TO PLEASE EVERYBODY with Gilbert Gottfried

It's sad to say, Gilbert Gottfried, the great comedian, actor, and once the voice of Aflac Duck has recently passed. I am honored that I was able to tape an episode with him and @JamesAltucher .
Here's the episode:

    1. Comedy and the ability to make one laugh are powerful

    He’s made 9/11 jokes, tsunami jokes, and jokes about the shooting that happened at the gay nightclub. I asked him about this. He told me about the nightclub jokes.

    And why he made them…

    He said, “One guy tweeted me and said, ‘I never thought that I’d wake up crying and go to sleep laughing.’ And one other guy sent me a tweet, saying, ‘You make me laugh at times when I don’t want to… and that’s when I need it the most.’”

    2. Remember the Team Effect

    Groupthink is infecting the internet. Every day or week or month, there’s a new “villain.” People get their tweets and stone the villain.
    You can spend 40 years building up a career. And it can all be taken to trial now by someone in their basement.
    Don’t try to convince someone to switch teams. Just look for the people rooting you on.

    3. Go To The Bottom

    Gilbert had a performance a few days after 9/11. It was in New York for the Hugh Hefner roast.
    “There were still black clouds floating around,” he said. “The World Trade Center was still burning.”
    He got on stage and said, “Tonight, I’ll be using my Muslim name, Hazin bin Lade.”
    Then he said, “I have to leave early tonight…”
    And this is where he lost the crowd.
    “I figured I already lost the crowd, why not go to the bottom level of hell?”
    He went deeper and deeper into his act.
    “And then they started laughing and applauding and cheering. And it just showed that they needed that release.”
    Tension is everywhere. It’s in our families, our relationships, our work. It’s in our fears. Gilbert sort of has this gift to look past the miserable.

    4. Do the Don'ts

    Whenever someone tells Gilbert not to joke about something, he jokes about it.3
    People tell you, “Don’t do X.” They say it because someone else told them “Don’t do X.”
    So if they see you do X, it’s just proof that they’re in chains. And that they followed a rule that doesn’t actually exist.
    They realize they made a choice. And they didn’t want to make that choice.
    Which causes regret.
    And regret is painful.
    So people keep saying, “Don’t do X” to prolong the pain.

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